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I am, Firman Maulana, currently studies Mathematics in Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad), Indonesia. Well, some people may say, "Wow, Mathematics! Fantastic!" or be like "I believe you are very smart!", some people also maybe had a bad experience in Maths so they hate it :D. But, I think it's not bad as many people think, maybe I'll write about Maths later.

I like football (or futsal), also I like books (maybe a little bibliophile) and writing. I have two blogs, the first one (in Bahasa Indonesia) already exist since 2009 and still going. My second blog is what you just visited now, this blog maybe more personal that my first blog. I also want to write some books, well I hope I can make it as soon as possible :D.

I am born and live in Bandung, a nice city and called "Parijs van Java" because its beauty. Bandung have many tourism objects, from natural objecst, culinary, fashion, museums, parks, and many more. I'll write about it later.

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